There are a few guidelines we need to follow to keep everyone safe for Sunday school.

  1. Masks are required in basement classrooms. Our basement is too small for proper ventilation and social distancing so masks are necessary! If your child forgets we will provided one from them to wear.
  2. Tables will be removed and lap desks will be provided in all classrooms.
  3. Individual supplies will be provided for each child.
  4. No snacks will be served and we ask the parents not to send any along either.
  5. Proper sanitation methods will be in place.
  6. The biggest thing we need is prayer! We are in a tough time and covering our teachers and kids in prayer is the best way to help us.
  7. Sunday is set to resume on February 7th. At this point we will only be offering classes for 1st-12th grades.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the church office!

Classes offered:

  • 7th - 12th grade : Taught by Justin and Kristin Held. This class is held in the Elohim Room.
  • 4th - 6th grade : Taught by Jen Shaffer and Karen Burchill. This class is held in the Jehovah Room.
  • 1st - 3rd grade : Taught by Cindy Billingsley and Brenda Beers. This class is held in the Adonai Room.
  • 3s-Kindergradner: Taught by Bettina Bear and
  • Our current curriculum for ages 3 - 12th grade is the Gospel Project which is a Christ-centered, chronological Bible study for children through adults.

Adult Classes:

  • Lee Manross will be teaching on the book of Mark in the all purpose room. Masks are REQUIRED.
  • Robyn Kovschak will be teaching on the book of Ezra in the Bereans room . Masks are OPTIONAL.
  • Starting April 11th Pastor Rod will be starting up the Gospel Project. This class will be held in the all purpose room and will be mask OPTIONAL.