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Today's Sermon

First Baptist Church of Cambridge Springs • May 24, 2020

The sermon from today is posted under 'Sermons' on the website!

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Sermons Still Online

First Baptist Church of Cambridge Springs • May 23, 2020

Don't forget that we will still be uploading the sermons online. It will be on our website under 'sermon' directly after first service has ended. A video of the message will be posted after the service as soon as we can get it loaded on Facebook and on our YouTube page.

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Opening the Church

First Baptist Church of Cambridge Springs • May 17, 2020

Good News!

We are opening the church this Sunday (May 24th). An email has been sent out with all the details. The information that was sent out can be found below. You can call the office with any questions!

“I was glad when they said unto me let us go into the house of the Lord.” Psalm 122:1

We are getting back to worshipping together beginning May 24, 2020. We will have 2 services (8:20 and 11am) in 2 locations (sanctuary and all purpose room). Due to the gathering constraints we will be limited to 50 people per service. 25 in each location. With no other option, you will need to make reservations. We will accept people on a first come, first serve basis. Please call the office (814) 398-4243 Monday 8-5, Wednesday 8-5 or Friday 8-5 to let Debbie know your preferences and number attending. With these thoughts in mind, we have some guidelines for those attending.

Please read thoroughly to see what issues will affect you and your family.

COVID Measures for your Protection:

1. If you are in the category of people at risk to become seriously ill from the CoVid virus we ask that you remain at home and worship with us remotely. Those most at risk are those with: cancer, diabetes, people with lung issues, cardiac patients, pregnant women, people 65 and older, liver disease, kidney disease, organ transplants or other immunosuppressed patients, high blood pressure, severe obesity, or any serious chronic underlying conditions. (list from CDC)

2. Please do not attend if even slightly sick.

3. Please bring and wear a mask as required by the state mandate.

4. We are anticipating abbreviated services (45 minutes total). We are requesting that you use the restroom at home before attending worship due to the impracticality of cleaning our restrooms between each person’s use.

5. Use the recommended social distancing rules of at least 6 feet. A pew between families in the sanctuary and a row between families in the all purpose room.

6. Place your offering in the plate at the back of the church when entering or leaving. We will not have the ushers passing the plates.

7. On Communion Sundays, pick up prepackaged elements on your way in. We will not have the Deacons passing out the elements

8. We request that no one shake hands or hug. Elbow bump, if you must. Lol.

9. Bibles and hymnals have been removed from the pews to protect from cross contamination.

10. Tissues and bags for their disposal will be available at the end of each pew. Place used tissues in a bag and take it with you and discard as you leave.

11. Everyone is asked to enter and exit using the back entrance (the doors under the portico).

12. Hand Sanitizer is available outside the All Purpose Room and at the back entrance.

13. We will not offer Sunday School at the current time.

14. We will not have any beverages or snacks available at the current time.

If any of these guidelines are too restrictive and you do not feel that you can abide by any of these guidelines the sermon will still be available on line as before.

Remember our purpose is to worship the Lord and grow spiritually. Please come with a heart of worship and not a heart of critiquing. We are all struggling through this together.


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Office Opening
Office Opening

First Baptist Church of Cambridge Springs • May 13, 2020

Good News! Beginning tomorrow the church will be open at 8 AM and will continue to be open for the normal hours. This will be by APPOINTMENT ONLY and masks MUST be worn when entering the building. Thank you for following the safety measure so that we can keep our Pastors and office staff safe! 🥰

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Mother's Day Sermon

First Baptist Church of Cambridge Springs • May 11, 2020

The sermon for Mother's Day is posted on our Facebook page or can be found on our YouTube channel here

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Sunday School

First Baptist Church of Cambridge Springs • May 02, 2020

Exciting news! Our children's chair Dayna has found a great Sunday school lesson on Right Now Media. The link is ( This is a perfect way to continue Sunday after the sermon. I will be posting this link after the sermon as well on Sunday so it will be easier to find!

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May Newsletter

First Baptist Church of Cambridge Springs • April 29, 2020

Don't forget that the newsletter has been posted under the 'newsletter' tab!

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Live Stream this Sunday!
Live Stream this Sunday!

First Baptist Church of Cambridge Springs • April 25, 2020

We are trying something new this Sunday! We will be having a sermon at 9AM on Facebook and YouTube. Pastor Rod will be preaching so you can hear the message and see his face! Tune in at 9AM to either platform to listen. The sermon will still be posted to proclaim after so you are able to listen whenever you can 🥰🙌

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Online Sermons and Music!

First Baptist Church of Cambridge Springs • March 29, 2020

Don't forget that sermons are posted online now! Find them on our website ( or follow this link (…/565084-the-strange-works-of…) There are also songs that Wendy Gardener was able to perform, you can follow along in worship here (

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Kid's Club

First Baptist Church of Cambridge Springs • March 24, 2020

Kid's Club has been cancelled for the spring. Unfortunately with kids not going back to school until April we've had to cancel. We are sending out a packet with information and some of the crafts that the kids will miss. We pray that all the kids staying healthy and we will be able to continue with this ministry in the fall.

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